Erratum: Early-Onset Postirradiation Sarcoma of the Tongue after Pseudotumor Phase

Radiation-induced sarcoma usually develops after an interval of more than 10 years from the completion of radiation therapy to the diagnosis of secondary sarcoma. However, the theory of radiation-induced transformation does not rule out postirradiation sarcomas with a short latency period. We experienced the case of a patient with postirradiation leiomyosarcoma of the tongue, which occurred 19 months after he had received chemoradiotherapy. Besides the short latency period, a pseudotumor stage developed between the time of radiation exposure and the development of leiomyosarcoma. In this article, we also describe an immunohistochemical approach to diagnose leiomyosarcoma and the efficacy of a gemcitabine and docetaxel regimen.