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Erratum: Impact of Intravitreal Injection of Tissue Plasminogen Activator on Full-Field Electroretinogram in Patients with Macular Oedema Secondary to Retinal Vein Occlusion

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posted on 25.07.2017 by Tagami M., Kusuhara S., Imai H., Honda S., Tsukahara Y., Negi A.
Purpose: To evaluate the retinal toxicity of intravitreal tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) injection for branch and central retinal vein occlusion (BRVO and CRVO) using the electroretinogram (ERG). Procedures: Ten BRVO patients and 5 CRVO patients were enrolled. A complete examination including full-field ERG, visual acuity, central retinal thickness (CRT), and evaluation of systemic and ocular complications was performed before and after intravitreal tPA injection. Results: No significant differences were found in the amplitude or implicit time of any ERG component after tPA injection, and no systemic or ocular complication was observed. The improvement of visual acuity was significant at month 3 in the BRVO group (p < 0.05) but not in the CRVO group. CRT significantly decreased over the course of 3 months in both groups (p < 0.01). Conclusion: Intravitreal tPA injection seems to be a safe and effective treatment option for macular oedema caused by retinal vein occlusions.