Erratum: Paraduodenal Pancreatitis: Three Cases with Different Therapeutic Approaches

Background: Paraduodenal pancreatitis is a rare cause of chronic abdominal pain characterized by an inflammatory process and scarring in the groove area between the pancreatic head and the duodenal wall. Besides abdominal pain, symptoms such as vomiting and weight loss are common. Currently, advances in radiological and endoscopic diagnostic methods allow it to be identified without histological confirmation, although the differentiation from pancreatic adenocarcinoma could be challenging in some cases. Many therapeutic options are available nowadays including pharmacological, endoscopic, or surgical treatment. Methods: We report 3 cases of paraduodenal pancreatitis that had different therapeutic approaches. Results and Conclusion: They show that this pathology should be taken into account in the differential diagnosis of pancreatic masses with duodenal infiltration, and that its management should be individualized and judicious.