Supplementary Material for: Adalimumab Dose Intensification in Recalcitrant Hidradenitis Suppurativa/Acne Inversa

Background: Adalimumab is the only approved compound for the treatment of adult patients with moderate-to-severe hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) who did not respond to a systemic classical treatment. Despite its significant short- and long-term efficacy, a percentage of patients do not respond sufficiently. Moreover, some primary responders experience a response loss with time. Objective: To analyse the effectiveness of adalimumab dose intensification in HS patients. Methods: A case series of adalimumab 80 mg/week subcutaneously (s.c.) compassionate use in patients with HS, who did not respond sufficiently or in primary responders with progressive response loss to the registered adalimumab dose of 40 mg/week s.c. Patients were collected and evaluated retrospectively. Patients’ data were extracted from medical records. Results: The 14 patients collected were Caucasian with HS of Hurley stage II–III and moderate or severe International HS Severity Score System (IHS4) stage. Adalimumab dose intensification significantly improved IHS4 score, Pain Index, HS-Physician Global Assessment, pain, and Cardiff Dermatology Life Quality Index. Two young female patients with HS and Crohn’s disease developed psoriatic lesions during the treatment with adalimumab 80 mg/week s.c. Conclusion: An enhanced level of effectiveness was assessed in the majority of the HS patients treated with adalimumab dose intensification (80 mg/week s.c.). Larger studies are required to evaluate this observation.