Supplementary Material for: An International Survey of Deep Brain Stimulation Procedural Steps

Background: Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery is standard of care for the treatment of certain movement disorders. Objective: We sought to characterize the spectrum of steps performed in DBS surgery, at centers around the world where this surgery is performed. Methods: We identified the main steps in DBS surgery workflow and grouped these 19 steps into 3 phases (preoperative, operative, and postoperative). A survey tool, informed by a pilot survey, was administered internationally by trained study personnel at high- and low-volume DBS centers. Procedural components, duration, and surgeon motivational factors were assessed. Cluster analysis was used to identify procedural and behavioral clusters. Results: One hundred eighty-five procedure workflow surveys (143 DBS centers) and 65 online surveys of surgeon motivational drivers were completed (45% response rate). Significant heterogeneity in technique, operative time, and surgeon motivational drivers was reported across centers. Conclusions: We provide a description of the procedural steps involved in DBS surgery and the duration of these steps, based on an international survey. These data will enable individual surgeons and centers to examine their own experience relative to colleagues at other centers and in other countries. Such information could also be useful in comparing efficiencies and identifying workflow obstacles between different hospital environments.