Supplementary Material for: Assessment of Losartan 50 mg on Survival of Post-Dialysis Euvolemic Hypertensive Patients: Findings from HELD Trial

Aims and objective: To estimate the effect of losartan 50 mg on survival of post-dialysis euvolemic hypertensive patients. Methodology: A single center, prospective, single-blind randomized trial was conducted to estimate the survival of post-dialysis euvolemic hypertensive patients when treated with lorsartan 50 mg every other day. Post-dialysis euvolemic assessment was done by a body composition monitor. Covariate Adaptive Randomization was used for allocation of participants to the standard or intervention arm, and the follow-up duration was twelve months. The primary end point was achieving targeted blood pressure (BP) of <140/90 mm Hg and maintaining for 4 weeks, whereas secondary end point was all cause of mortality. Pre-, intra-, and post-dialysis session BP measurements were recorded, and survival trends were analyzed using Kaplan-Meier analysis. Results: Of the total 229 patients, 96 (41.9%) were identified as post-dialysis euvolemic hypertensive. Final samples of 88 (40.1%) patients were randomized into standard (n = 44) and intervention arms (n = 44), and 36 (81.8%) patients in each arm completed a follow-up of 12 months. A total of eight patients passed away during the 12-month follow-up period (6 deaths among standard arm and 2 in intervention arm). However, the probability of survival between both arms was not significant (p = 0.13). Cox regression analysis revealed that chances of survival were higher among the patients in the intervention (OR 3.17) arm than the standard arm (OR 0.31); however, the survival was found not statistically significant. Conclusion: There was no statistical significant difference in 1 year survival of post-dialysis euvolemic hypertensive patients when treated with losartan 50 mg.