Supplementary Material for: Autologous Collagen-Induced Chondrogenesis Using Fibrin and Atelocollagen Mixture

For articular cartilage defect treatment, many treatment modalities have been developed. We evaluate the cartilage repair potential of an atelocollagen and fibrin mixture transplanted to cartilage defects. A circular, articular cartilage defect 4 mm in diameter was made in the trochlear region in each of 20 New Zealand white rabbits. The 10 rabbits in the control group were kept without treatment and the 10 rabbits in the experimental group underwent injection of atelocollagen mixed with fibrin. At week 12 following surgery the cartilage was observed and histologically compared in both groups. The surface of the newly generated cartilage was very smooth and even, and we also noted that the entire area was completely regenerated in the experimental group. The control group showed incomplete and irregular cartilage formation in the defect. Regarding the histological scoring, comparison of the two groups differed significantly (p < 0.001). Injection of a mixture of atelocollagen and fibrin used to treat articular cartilage defects of the knee appears to be an effective method for cartilage regeneration.



CC BY 4.0