Supplementary Material for: Cerebellar Infarction: Unusual Manifestation with Facial Palsy, Focal Seizures, and Secondary Generalization

Background: Cerebellar infarction is exceedingly rare in neonates, usually occurring after traumatic birth. Lifelong sequelae can result from cerebellar damage with disorders of motor function, ataxia, and also cognitive dysfunction. Objectives/Methods: We report the clinical presentation of a preterm triplet infant delivered by elective cesarean who showed peripheral facial palsy immediately after birth. Results: Tonic seizures with high-voltage discharges over the contralateral cerebral hemisphere and secondary generalization were successfully treated with phenobarbital. Transnuchal ultrasound through the foramen magnum and subsequent MRI examinations revealed infarction of the left cerebellar hemisphere. Conclusions: In newborn infants, acute cerebellar stroke may have direct epileptogenic potential.