Supplementary Material for: Criminal Manifestations of Dementia Patients: Report from the National Forensic Hospital

Background/Aims: Some dementia patients have profound behavioral and psychological symptoms which might cause legal violation. We illustrate clinical and criminal characteristics of dementia patients who had been incarcerated because of criminal activity. Methods: The National Forensic Hospital is the only hospital-based correctional facility in the Republic of Korea which incarcerates criminals with psychiatric or neurological disease. Between May 2008 and April 2009, those patients who had been diagnosed with dementia in the National Forensic Hospital were included in the study. We reviewed their medical and legal reports. Results: There were 7 dementia patients out of 752 patients, including 2 Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients, 1 vascular dementia patient, and 4 patients with alcohol-related dementia. Criminal behavior included simple larceny by the 2 AD patients, and multiple violent crimes in a drunken state by the other 5 patients. Conclusions: This study reported diverse criminal behaviors among dementia patients. Inebriation may be related to violent criminal behavior among some dementia patients.



CC BY 4.0