Supplementary Material for: Cutaneous Arteriolosclerosis Is Not Specific to Ischemic Hypertensive Leg Ulcers

Background: The histological characteristic of hypertensive leg ulcers (HLU) is the presence of “arteriolosclerosis.” The pertinence of performing a skin biopsy to diagnose HLU is questionable, as cutaneous arteriolosclerosis may be related to patient comorbidities. The objective here was to evaluate the frequency of arteriolosclerosis in skin leg biopsies performed in patients without ulcer and in control patients with HLU. Methods: We performed a retrospective study between January 2013 and July 2014. Patients were included if they had undergone a deep skin biopsy on the lower limbs, in the absence of any leg ulcer. Controls were patients with typical HLU. Results: Fifty-eight patients and 6 controls were included. Hypertension was present in 25 patients (43%). Arteriolosclerosis, defined as fibrous endarteritis, was present in 35 out of 58 patients (60%) and in all of the controls. No hyalinosis or hyperplastic proliferative arteriolosclerosis was observed in the patients or controls. Only age was an independent factor associated with the presence of cutaneous arteriolosclerosis (p < 0.0001). Conclusion: Cutaneous arteriolosclerosis is significantly and independently associated with age. Thus, skin biopsy seems not to be necessary for the diagnosis of HLU but only for a differential diagnosis.