Supplementary Material for: Cytogenetic Assessment of the Rat Cell Line CLS-ACI-1: An in vitro Cell Model for Mycn Overexpression

Breast cancer is a complex and heterogeneous disease, and the establishment of cell models in order to properly study the disease at the molecular and cellular level is of utmost importance. Here, we present the cytogenetic characterization and gene expression analysis of the tumoral mammary rat cell line CLS-ACI-1. The use of banding and molecular cytogenetic techniques allowed the description of the complex CLS-ACI-1 karyotype and the identification of breakpoints in clonal chromosome rearrangements. Moreover, a Mycn and Erbb2 comparative expression analysis by RT-qPCR was performed, revealing a high expression level of Mycn in CLS-ACI-1 cells. Moreover, a considerable number of putative mutated genes and chromosome alterations detected through cytogenetic analysis seem to be in the MYCN biological network. Therefore, the CLS-ACI-1 cell line is presented as a promising cell model for the study of the role of MYCN in breast cancer and also as a tool for developing appropriate cancer therapies, namely for Mycn targeting.