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Supplementary Material for: Disseminated Mycosis by Arthrocladium fulminans Jeopardizing a Patient with GATA2 Deficiency

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posted on 29.03.2019 by Egenlauf B., Schuhmann M., Giese T., Junghanss T., Stojkovic M., Tintelnot K., deHoog S., Greil J., Richter E., Vehresschild M., Heussel C.P., Herth F.J.F., Kreuter M.
GATA2 deficiency is characterized by monocytopenia, deficiency of dendritic cells, and a variable degree of lymphocytopenia affecting B cells and NK cells, leading to an enhanced risk of mycobacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Here we present a patient with a heterozygous intronic GATA2 mutation who acquired a fatal disseminated mycosis due to the black yeast-like fungus Arthrocladium fulminans following an infection with Mycobacterium sherrisii. This case illustrates that in patients with severe uncommon infections, immunodeficiency syndromes must be ruled out.