Supplementary Material for: Expression Profiling of MicroRNAs in the Inner Ear of Elderly People by Real-Time PCR Quantification

The molecular mechanisms underlying age-related hearing loss are unknown, and currently, there is no treatment for this condition. Recent studies have shown that microRNAs (miRNAs) and age-related diseases are intimately linked, suggesting that some miRNAs may present attractive therapeutic targets. In this study, we obtained 8 human temporal bones from 8 elderly subjects at brain autopsy in order to investigate the expression profile of miRNAs in the inner ear with miRNA arrays. A mean of 478 different miRNAs were expressed in the samples, of which 348 were commonly expressed in all 8 samples. Of these, levels of 16 miRNAs significantly differed between young elderly and old elderly subjects. miRNAs, which play important roles in inner ear development, were detected in all samples, i.e., in both young and old elderly subjects, whether with or without hearing loss. Our results suggest that these miRNAs play important roles not only in development, but also in the maintenance of inner ear homeostasis.