Supplementary Material for: Fucose-Mediated Transcriptional Activation of the <b><i>fcs</i></b> Operon by FcsR in <b><i>Streptococcus pneumoniae</i></b>

In this study, we explore the impact of fucose on the transcriptome of <i>S. pneumoniae</i> D39. The expression of various genes and operons, including the fucose uptake PTS and utilization operon (<i>fcs</i> operon) was altered in the presence of fucose. By means of quantitative RT-PCR and β-galactosidase analysis, we demonstrate the role of the transcriptional regulator FcsR, present upstream of the <i>fcs</i> operon, as a transcriptional activator of the <i>fcs</i> operon. We also predict a 19-bp putative FcsR regulatory site (5′-ATTTGAACATTATTCAAGT-3′) in the promoter region of the <i>fcs</i> operon. The functionality of this predicted FcsR regulatory site was further confirmed by promoter-truncation experiments, where deletion of half of the FscR regulatory site or full deletion led to the abolition of expression of the <i>fcs</i> operon.



CC BY 4.0