Supplementary Material for: Generation of a 5.5-Mb BAC/PAC contig of pig chromosome 6q1.2 and its integration with existing RH, genetic and comparative maps

We generated a sequence-ready BAC/PAC contig spanning approximately 5.5 Mb on porcine chromosome 6q1.2, which represents a very gene-rich genome region. STS content mapping was used as the main strategy for the assembly of the contig and a total of 6 microsatellite markers, 53 gene-related STS and 116 STS corresponding to BAC and PAC end sequences were analyzed. The contig comprises 316 BAC and PAC clones covering the region between the genes GPI and LIPE. The correct contig assembly was verified by RH-mapping of STS markers and comparative mapping of BAC/PAC end sequences using BLAST searches. The use of microsatellite primer pairs allowed the integration of the physical maps with the genetic map of this region. Comparative mapping of the porcine BAC/PAC contig with respect to the gene-rich region on the human chromosome 19q13.1 map revealed a completely conserved gene order of this segment, however, physical distances differ somewhat between HSA19q13.1 and SSC6q1.2. Three major differences in DNA content between human and pig are found in two large intergenic regions and in one region of a clustered gene family, respectively. While there is a complete conservation of gene order between pig and human, the comparative analysis with respect to the rodent species mouse and rat shows one breakpoint where a genome segment is inverted.




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