Supplementary Material for: Hepatitis C Virus of Subtype 2l in Marseille, Southeastern France

The rate of eradication of chronic hepatitis C considerably increases with direct-acting antiviral agents, particularly hepatitis C virus (HCV) polymerase inhibitors. While implementing full-length HCV NS5B polymerase sequencing in our clinical microbiology laboratory, we identified atypical HCV sequences, classified as subtype 2l, from 2 patients. HCV-2l NS5B polymerase sequences were detected from 5 and 14 additional patients by screening our laboratory hepatitis virus sequence database and the NCBI GenBank sequence database. Phylogenetic analyses show unambiguously that all HCV-2l sequences are clustered apart from HCV 2 non-l sequences, which compose a second cluster. Mean (±SD) nucleotide identity between near full-length NS5B fragments of subtype 2l was 93.4 ± 0.8% (range: 92.4-95.1). Of note, all HCV-2l sequences obtained in our laboratory and in other centers were from serum samples collected in France. Analysis of the HCV-2l NS5B polymerase amino acid sequences at 30 positions critical for interaction with or resistance to HCV polymerase inhibitors showed specific patterns.