Supplementary Material for: Identification and Overexpression of a Bifunctional Aldehyde/Alcohol Dehydrogenase Responsible for Ethanol Production in <i>Thermoanaerobacter mathranii </i>

2010-10-06T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Yao S. Mikkelsen M.J.
<i>Thermoanaerobacter mathranii </i>contains four genes, <i>adhA, adhB, bdhA </i>and<i> adhE, </i>predicted to code for alcohol dehydrogenases involved in ethanol metabolism. These alcohol dehydrogenases were characterized as NADP(H)-dependent primary alcohol dehydrogenase (AdhA), secondary alcohol dehydrogenase (AdhB), butanol dehydrogenase (BdhA) and NAD(H)-dependent bifunctional aldehyde/alcohol dehydrogenase (AdhE), respectively. Here we observed that AdhE is an important enzyme responsible for ethanol production in <i>T. mathranii</i> based on the constructed <i>adh</i> knockout strains. An <i>adhE</i> knockout strain fails to produce ethanol as a fermentation product, while other <i>adh</i> knockout strains showed no significant difference from the wild type. Further analysis revealed that the Δ<i>adhE</i> strain was defective in aldehyde dehydrogenase activity, but still maintained alcohol dehydrogenase activity. This showed that AdhE is the major aldehyde dehydrogenase in the cell and functions predominantly in the acetyl-CoA reduction to acetaldehyde in the ethanol formation pathway. Finally, AdhE was conditionally expressed from a xylose-induced promoter in a recombinant strain (BG1E1) with a concomitant deletion of a lactate dehydrogenase. Overexpressions of AdhE in strain BG1E1 with xylose as a substrate facilitate the production of ethanol at an increased yield.