Supplementary Material for: Individualized Homeopathic Treatment in Women with Recurrent Cystitis: A Retrospective Case Series

2020-01-16T11:38:01Z (GMT) by Gaertner K. vonAmmon K. Frei-Erb M.
Background: Recurrent urinary tract infections are of importance for public health as most clinicians are faced with repeated and long-term administration of broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents leading to an increased risk of resistant bacteria. One encouraging treatment approach may be individualized homeopathy. Case Reports: Here, four female cases with recurrent urinary tract infections are reported. They were treated successfully with the homeopathic strategy after several conventional approaches revealed no improvement. The follow-up period was a minimum of 3 years and the frequency of episodes with urinary tract infection as well as of antibiotic treatment was documented. Additionally, the patients were asked to assess the treatment outcome retrospectively in a validated questionnaire. Results: The treatment resulted in a reduction of urinary tract infections and the need for antibiotics from monthly to less than 3 times a year. Three of the four women had no cystitis and related intake of antibiotics for more than 1.5 years. A relapse of symptoms could be treated efficiently with a repetition of the homeopathic remedy. All subjective outcome assessments resulted positive. Conclusion: This case series suggests a possible benefit of individualized homeopathic treatment for female patients with recurrent urinary tract infections. Larger observational studies and controlled investigations are warranted.