Supplementary Material for: Internalization of CCR4 and Inhibition of Chemotaxis by K777, a Potent and Selective CCR4 Antagonist

CC chemokine receptor 4 (CCR4) is a G protein-coupled receptor that regulates the chemotaxis of Th2 lymphocytes, which are key players in allergic diseases. K777 is a small compound identified in a binding assay using a CCR4 ligand, CCL17. K777 inhibited both CCL17 binding and CCL17-induced chemotaxis in Hut78 cells (IC50: 57 and 8.9 nmol/l, respectively). The K777-mediated inhibition of chemotaxis was potent even in the presence of a 10-fold higher concentration of CCL17. The imaging and flow cytometric analyses revealed that K777 induced CCR4 internalization, with a ∼50% reduction of cell surface CCR4. K777 did not inhibit CXCR4-induced chemotaxis or internalization and did not bring about Ca2+ mobilization by itself. A Scatchard plot analysis of the binding assay using radiolabeled K777 revealed a single high-affinity binding site on the CCR4 molecule. These results indicate that K777 is a selective CCR4 antagonist featuring the potent chemotaxis inhibition, to which the internalization-inducible ability of K777 to hide a part of cell surface CCR4 may contribute.