Supplementary Material for: Intrascleral Fixation of an Intraocular Lens through the Pars Plana Prevents Corneal Endothelial Damage

2019-02-04T14:46:25Z (GMT) by Miyamoto N. Yamakawa M. Akimoto M.
We report two cases of aphakia in whom an intraocular lens (IOL) was intrasclerally fixated through the pars plana to minimize further corneal endothelial damage. A modified lock-and-lead technique was used. A sclerotomy and scleral incision were made 2.5 mm from the limbus. A 24-G catheter needle was used for penetration of the leading haptic, and two ultrathin 30-G needles were used to bury the ends of the haptics. The scleral incision was sutured with 8-0 nylon. Corneal endothelial cells were preserved after surgery. Neither intra- nor postoperative complications were observed. Intrascleral fixation of an IOL through the pars plana effectively minimizes further damage to corneal endothelial cells in select cases.