Supplementary Material for: Linkage Analysis of Autopsy-Confirmed Familial Alzheimer Disease Supports an Alzheimer Disease Locus in 8q24

Background/Aims: We have previously reported the results of an extended genome-wide scan of Swedish Alzheimer disease (AD)-affected families; in this paper, we analyzed a subset of these families with autopsy-confirmed AD. Methods: We report the fine-mapping, using both microsatellite markers and single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), in the observed maximum logarithm of the odds (LOD)-2 unit (LODmax-2) region under the identified linkage peak, linkage analysis of the fine-mapping data with additionally analyzed pedigrees, and association analysis of SNPs selected from candidate genes in the linked interval. The subset was made on the criterion of at least one autopsy-confirmed AD case per family, resulting in 24 families. Results: Linkage analysis of a family subset having at least one autopsy-confirmed AD case showed a significant nonparametric single-point LOD score of 4.4 in 8q24. Fine-mapping under the linkage peak with 10 microsatellite markers yielded an increase in the multipoint (mpt) LOD score from 2.1 to 3.0. SNP genotyping was performed on 21 selected candidate transcripts of the LODmax-2 region. Both family-based association and linkage analysis were performed on extended material from 30 families, resulting in a suggestive linkage at peak marker rs6577853 (mpt LOD score = 2.4). Conclusion: The 8q24 region has been implicated to be involved in AD etiology.