Supplementary Material for: M235T Polymorphism in the AGT Gene and A/GI8-83 Substitution in the REN Gene Correlate with End-Stage Renal Disease

Background/Aims: This study aimed at investigating if M235T polymorphism in the AGT gene and A/GI8-83 polymorphism in the REN gene correlate with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Methods: We analyzed 173 ESRD patients and 329 individuals with normal kidney function for differences in the genotype distribution of AGT-M235T and REN-A/GI8-83 polymorphisms between the two groups. The data for cases and controls were compared using the χ2 test. Results: We found significantly higher levels of serum creatinine and CRP in cases in comparison to controls (p < 0.0001). Data comparison showed a significant association of AGT M235T substitution with ESRD in the dominant model (p = 0.008) and in the comparison of the heterozygous substitution with the homozygous common genotype (p = 0.005). Similarly, REN A/GI8-83 polymorphism showed a significant difference in the distribution of genotypes between cases and controls (p < 0.038) such that a heterozygous substitution was significantly more common in the ESRD cases in comparison to the homozygous common genotype (p = 0.023). Conclusion: We conclude that heterozygous substitutions at the AGT M235T and REN A/GI8-83 loci correlate significantly with ESRD in a north Indian population.