Supplementary Material for: Outcome of Isolated Premature Menarche: A Retrospective and Follow-Up Study

2015-07-08T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Ejaz S. Lane A. Wilson T.
Background and Aims: Isolated premature menarche is isolated or recurrent vaginal bleeding in a female in the absence of appropriate secondary sexual characters. Methods: Retrospective chart review of patients with premature menarche, followed by a telephone questionnaire. Charts of patients evaluated in the Pediatric Endocrine Clinic for premature vaginal bleeding from 1982-2013 were reviewed. Results: Of 21 patients identified, 17 could be contacted. Five newly diagnosed patients were recruited during the course of the study. The median age at initial presentation was 7 years. Most patients presented with Tanner I sexual development. Some had more advanced breast staging, which regressed later. All had prepubertal baseline and stimulated gonadotropins. Most of the patients reported a single or few episodes of menses. Two reported continuation of irregular bleeding into adulthood. All reported an adult height within the midparental target height. Conclusion: Premature menarche in the absence of other appropriate secondary sexual characteristics is a benign entity. Most patients have a few isolated episodes of menses that stop spontaneously; some may continue to have periods into adulthood. Unlike true puberty, these patients do not demonstrate advanced skeletal maturation, and the adult height is normal. Fertility appears to be normal.