Supplementary Material for: Prediction and Experimental Testing of Ferric Uptake Regulator Regulons in Vibrios

Iron homeostasis is in many bacteria regulated by the ferric uptake regulator (Fur). Despite the available information on Fur regulons, it is likely that there are Fur-regulated genes and operons that are unique to vibrios, and knowledge into these can potentially provide new insights into vibrio virulence and pathogenesis. We constructed a vibrio-specific alignment matrix based on Fur-binding sites from the literature and used existing software (Patser) to search five published vibrio genomes and the Vibrio salmonicida draft genome for Fur-regulated genes. The consensus Fur-binding site from our matrix is 5′-AATGANAATNATTNTCATT-3′. Fur-binding motifs were found associated with 50–61 single genes and 16–20 operons in each genome. Predictions were tested by monitoring the expression of a subset of genes and operons in V. salmonicida. Six previously undescribed Fur-regulated genes showed increased expression under iron-restrictive conditions. Our work provides a comprehensive list of predicted Fur regulons in six vibrio genomes, which may be used to generate new hypotheses for future experiments.