Supplementary Material for: Recombinant Major Urinary Proteins of the Mouse in Specific IgE and IgG Testing

Background: Recombinant allergens are preferred over natural allergen extracts in measuring antibodies. We tested the use of recombinant variants of the major mouse allergen Mus m 1 in detection of mouse-specific antibodies in sera of laboratory animal workers and children. Methods: Six recombinant major urinary proteins (MUPs) were produced and antibody-binding capacity was compared to natural Mus m 1 and to mouse urine extract. In a specific subset, cross-reactivity of MUP with Mus m 1 and between the different recombinant MUPs was determined. Results: For IgE antibodies, MUP8 showed high cross-reactivity with Mus m 1. MUP8-specific IgE was found in 55% of the mouse urine IgE-positive sera. Specific IgG and IgG4 antibodies against natural Mus m 1 correlated strongly with antibodies against recombinant MUP8 and were cross-reactive. IgG4 levels against MUP8 and mouse urine extract correlated, but detection of mouse urine-specific IgG4 in the absence of MUP-specific IgG4 was not uncommon. Cross-reactivity of IgG antibodies between MUP8 and Mus m 1 as well as between the different MUPs was high and inhibition varied between 54 and 99%. Conclusion: The mouse allergen Mus m 1 can be replaced in antibody testing by recombinant MUP8. Other MUPs, except MUP4, are interchangeable with MUP8. However, mouse urine extract showed better detection of both mouse-specific IgE and IgG4 levels. Other components in the mouse urine, like mouse albumin and other yet unidentified components, also induce IgE and IgG(4) antibodies.