Supplementary Material for: Sexual Behavior: From Hormonal Regulation to Endocrine Disruption

2018-11-29T14:42:52Z (GMT) by Mhaouty-Kodja S. Naulé L. Capela D.
Sexual behavior constitutes a chain of behavioral responses beginning with courtship and leading to copulation. These responses, which are exhibited in a sexually dimorphic manner by the two partners, are tightly regulated by sex steroid hormones as early as the perinatal period. Hormonal changes or exposure to exogenous factors exhibiting hormone-mimetic activities, such as endocrine disrupting compounds (EDC), can therefore interfere with their expression. Here we review the experimental studies in rodents performed to address the potential effects of exposure to EDC on sexual behavior and underlying mechanisms, with particular attention to molecules with estrogenic and/or anti-androgenic activities.