Supplementary Material for: Sudden Death in End Stage Renal Disease: Comparing Hemodialysis versus Peritoneal Dialysis

<p><b><i>Background/Aims:</i></b> This study aimed to evaluate total and sudden death (SD) in a cohort of dialysis patients, comparing hemodialysis (HD) vs. peritoneal dialysis (PD). <b><i>Methods:</i></b> This is a multicenter retrospective cohort study. <b><i>Results:</i></b> Deaths were 626 out of 1,823 in HD and 62 of 249 in PD patients. HD patients had a greater number of comorbidities (<i>p</i> < 0.05). PD patients had a lower risk of death than HD patients (<i>p</i> < 0.001); however, the advantage decreased with time (<i>p</i> < 0.001). Mortality predictors were left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) ≤35%, older age, ischemic heart disease, diabetes mellitus, previous stroke, and atrial fibrillation (<i>p</i> < 0.03). SDs were 84:71 in HD and 13 in PD population (12.1 and 22.8% of all causes of death, respectively). A non-significant risk of SD among PD compared to HD patients was detected. SD predictors were older age, ischemic heart disease, and LVEF ≤35% (<i>p</i> < 0.05). <b><i>Conclusions:</i></b> HD patients showed a greater presence of comorbidities and reduced survival compared to PD patients; however, the incidence of SD does not differ in the 2 populations. Video Journal Club “Cappuccino with Claudio Ronco” at</p>