Supplementary Material for: The Safety and Effectiveness of a Novel Annular Keratopigmentation Method: A Case Report

2018-01-10T14:32:21Z (GMT) by Ferrari F. van Haselen R.
Background: We investigated the safety and effectiveness of a novel aesthetic femtosecond-assisted annular keratopigmentation technique. Case Report: A 21-year-old female patient in good general and ophthalmological health with the wish to change the colour of her eyes was treated with a femtosecond-assisted annular keratopigmentation technique. Pigment was inserted in a channel in the cornea (external diameter 9.3 mm; internal diameter 5.5 mm) created with a femtosecond laser at a depth of 225 μm. Eight months post-operatively, there were no signs of leakage, diffusion, inflammation or any other detrimental effects on the cornea both objectively and subjectively. Conclusion: This procedure is a promising safe and effective option for those who want annular keratopigmentation for aesthetic reasons.