Supplementary Material for: Ultrasound-Guided Retrieval and Position Replacement of a Dislodged Fetal Pleuro-Amniotic Shunt: A Novel Approach for a Known Complication of Feto-Amniotic Shunting

Untreated fetal pleural effusion can cause significant perinatal morbidity and mortality. Treatment of pleural effusions with pleuro-amniotic shunting has been shown to improve outcomes. Pleuro-amniotic shunting is associated with complications including ruptured membranes, preterm labor and shunt dislodgement into either the amniotic cavity or the fetal thorax. Shunt dislodgement into the thoracic cavity can cause prenatal complications from the shunt itself or may necessitate neonatal surgery for removal. We present a case where a novel ultrasound-guided technique was used to replace the dislodged pleural shunt in utero, thereby effectively draining the effusion while simultaneously obviating the need for neonatal surgery and decreasing possible perinatal complications.