Supplementary Material for: Yamaguchi Fox-Pigeon Imitation Test: A Rapid Test for Dementia

2010-04-06T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Yamaguchi H. Maki Y. Yamagami T.
<i>Background/Aims:</i> We herein propose a hand-gesture imitation test, consisting of a simple one-handed sign of a ‘fox’ and a complex two-handed sign of a ‘pigeon’, as a rapid, game-like test for detecting dementia/Alzheimer disease (AD) with low psychological burden. The test measures the visuomotor function, which deteriorates in the early stages of AD. <i>Methods:</i> We examined 88 demented subjects, 19 with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and 53 normal controls aged 65 years or over. The subjects were classified according to the Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR). <i>Results:</i> The specificity of the test was 94%, and the sensitivity was 58% in CDR 0.5 (MCI), 77% in CDR 1 (mild dementia), 75% in CDR 2 (moderate dementia), and 90% in CDR 3 (severe dementia). The test could be conducted within 1 min and no subjects refused to be tested. <i>Conclusion:</i> This brief hand-gesture imitation test can sensitively evaluate visuomotor deficits in dementia/AD, while some subjects are unaware of their failure or even that their cognitive function is being tested. We herein describe the precise protocol for worldwide use.