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Erratum: Retinoid Receptor Alpha and Beta Expression in Serous Ovarian Tumors

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posted on 25.07.2017, 13:31 by Daponte A., Kostopoulou E., Chiotoglou I., Vanakara P., Minas M., Nakou M., Kallitsaris A., Kollia P., Koukoulis G., Messinis I.E.
The expression of retinoid acid receptors α (RARα) and β (RARβ) and estrogen receptor α (ERα) was assessed by immunohistochemistry and Western blotting in normal ovaries, serous cystadenoma (n = 20), serous borderline (n = 14), and serous ovarian cancer (n = 47) and was correlated in cancer cases with stage, grade, progress-free survival (PFS), and survival. RARα was increasingly expressed in benign cystadenomas, borderline, and low-stage and advanced-stage neoplasms (p < 0.001). In stage III, G3 serous carcinoma, increased RARα expression was an independent prognostic factor associated with lower chemoresponse to first-line chemotherapy (taxol and carboplatin) and shorter PFS (p < 0.002).RARβ and ERα expression did not correlate with RARα tumor characteristics or PFS and survival.