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Supplementary Material for: A Case of Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome Associated with a 46,XY Disorder of Sexual Development and Gonadal Dysgenesis

posted on 07.11.2015, 00:00 by Calvel P., Kusz-Zamelczyk K., Makrythanasis P., Janecki D., Borel C., Conne B., Vannier A., Béna F., Gimelli S., Fichna P.
We report the case of a female patient suffering from a 46,XY disorder of sexual development (DSD) with complete gonadal dysgenesis and Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome (WDSTS). The coexistence of these 2 conditions has not yet been reported. Using whole exome sequencing and comparative genome hybridization array, we identified a de novo MLL/KMT2A gene nonsense mutation which explains the WDSTS phenotype. In addition, we discovered novel genetic variants, which could explain the testicular dysgenesis observed in the patient, a maternally inherited 167-kb duplication of DAAM2 and MOCS1 genes and a de novo LRRC33/NRROS gene mutation. These genes, some of which are expressed during mouse gonadal development, could be considered as potentially new candidate genes for DSD.