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Supplementary Material for: Acceptance and Continuation of Contraceptive Methods Immediate Postabortion

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posted on 20.04.2016, 00:00 by Hou S.-P., Zhu W.-L., Li S.-M., Teng Y.-C.
Background/Aims: Providing preabortion contraceptive counseling for the method of contraception may reduce the incidence of repeat abortions. This study aimed to compare the acceptance and continuation rates of intrauterine devices (IUDs), combined oral contraceptives (COCs), and condom use after abortion in women who received preabortion contraceptive counseling. Methods: Women seeking a first-trimester abortion prospectively received preabortion contraceptive counseling and the choice of method of contraception was based on the counseling and not related to prior methods of birth control. Outcomes included continuation of postabortion contraceptive use and repeat abortions over a 6-month follow-up period. Results: Four hundred and fifty-five women (IUD group: n = 161; COC group: n = 149; condom group: n = 135) completed 6-month follow-up after the abortions. At the sixth month follow-up, patients continued using the IUD, COC, and condoms for contraception were 64.2, 10, and 51.5%, respectively. Higher age, being married, parity ≥1, and previous abortion were factors that were associated with more frequent selection of an IUD, while a higher education level was associated with a more frequent selection of COC and condoms. Conclusion: The continued use of COCs after abortion is low even with preabortion contraceptive counseling. The IUD offers reliable birth control with a lower discontinuation rate than COCs or condoms.