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Supplementary Material for: Adult Transglottic Haemangioma with Upper Airway Obstruction: Preservation of Airway and Voice

posted on 05.05.2021, 10:11 by Mahmud K.A., Zakaria R., Azman M., MatBaki M.
Adult laryngeal haemangioma is normally seen in the supraglottic or glottic region. Transglottic haemangioma is unusual, and treatment with primary endolaryngeal surgical excision may lead to undesirable bleeding and poor voice outcomes. A 25-year-old female presented with hoarseness and progressive upper airway obstruction symptoms. Videoendoscopy showed haemangioma involving all unilateral subunits of the larynx obstructing half of the subglottis. The transglottic haemangioma was treated with endolaryngeal ethanol injection with prior tracheostomy under local anaesthesia. Endolaryngeal laser surgery was performed later on to remove small residual haemangioma and granuloma. The haemangioma resolved; however, the ethanol injection to the paraglottic space results in vocal fold immobility but with favourable position and good muscle tone and bulk. The patient was successfully decannulated. Post-intervention subjective and objective voice assessments showed normal parameters except slight impairment of voice handicap index-10 with a total score of 12. Adult transglottic haemangioma can cause upper airway obstruction and requires intervention. Excision of the lesion endoscopically without sacrificing voice is achievable.


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