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Supplementary Material for: Anterior Chamber Iris Claw Lens for the Treatment of Aphakia in a Patient with Megalocornea

posted on 29.11.2016, 14:47 by Saffra N., Rakhamimov A., Masini R., Rosenthal K.J.

Megalocornea in isolation is a rare congenital enlargement of the cornea greater than 13 mm in diameter. Patients with megalocornea are prone to cataract formation, crystalline lens subluxation, zonular deficiencies and dislocation of the posterior chamber intraocular lens (PCIOL) within the capsular bag. A 55-year-old male with megalocornea in isolation developed subluxation of the capsular bag and PCIOL. The PCIOL and capsular bag were explanted, and the patient was subsequently implanted with an anterior chamber iris claw lens. An anterior chamber iris claw lens is an effective option for the correction of aphakia in patients with megalocornea.


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