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Supplementary Material for: Attempt to establish prognostic predictive system for hepatocellular carcinoma using artificial intelligence for assistance with selection of treatment modality

posted on 2023-05-25, 17:46 authored by Sobko I.N., Yogan Pillay, Radmila Micanovic, Holly A. Bina, Cynthia C. Hager, Humphrey Danso, Paola D'Ambrosio, Shijo Joseph, Michael A. Schneider, Armando R. Irizarry Rovira, David W. Raches, Mubashir Qayyum, Hamid Khan, Yoji Murata
Background/Aim: Because of recent developments in treatments for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), methods for determining suitable therapy for initial or recurrent HCC have become important. This study used artificial intelligence (AI) findings to establish a system for predicting prognosis of HCC patients at time of reoccurrence based on clinical data as a reference for selection of treatment modalities. Material/Methods: As a training cohort, 5701 observations obtained at the initial and each subsequent treatment for recurrence from 1985 HCC patients at a single center from 2000 to 2021 were used. The validation cohort was 5692 observations from patients at multiple centers obtained at the time of the initial treatment. An AI calculating system (PRAID) was constructed based on 25 clinical factors noted at each treatment from the training cohort, then predictive prognostic values for one- and three-year survival in both cohorts were evaluated. Results: After exclusion of patients lacking clinical data regarding albumin-bilirubin grade (ALBI) and/or tumor-node-metastasis stage (TNM), ALBI-TNM (ALBI-T) and modified ALBI-T scores confirmed that prognosis for patients in both cohorts was similar. The area under the curve (AUC) for prediction of both one- and three-year survival in the validation cohort were 0.841 [sensitivity 0.933 (95%CI 0.925-0.940), specificity 0.517 (95%CI 0.484-0.549)] and 0.796 [sensitivity 0.806 (95%CI 0.790-0.821), specificity 0.646 (95%CI 0.624-0.668)], respectively. Conclusion: The present PRAID system might provide useful prognostic information related to short and medium survival for decision making regarding best therapeutic modality for both initial and recurrent HCC cases.


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