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Supplementary Material for: Bioinformatic Analyses of Transmembrane Transport: Novel Software for Deducing Protein Phylogeny, Topology, and Evolution

posted on 23.03.2017, 15:12 by Yen M.R., Choi J., Saier Jr. M.H.

During the past decade, we have experienced a revolution in the biological sciences resulting from the flux of information generated by genome-sequencing efforts. Our understanding of living organisms, the metabolic processes they catalyze, the genetic systems encoding cellular protein and stable RNA constituents, and the pathological conditions caused by some of these organisms has greatly benefited from the availability of complete genomic sequences and the establishment of comprehensive databases. Many research institutes around the world are now devoting their efforts largely to genome sequencing, data collection and data analysis. In this review, we summarize tools that are in routine use in our laboratory for characterizing transmembrane transport systems. Applications of these tools to specific transporter families are presented. Many of the computational approaches described should be applicable to virtually all classes of proteins and RNA molecules.