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Supplementary Material for: Care Needs Profiles and Their Association with Caregiver Strain among Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment

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posted on 27.07.2022, 11:09 authored by Sung P., Chan A.W.-M.
Introduction: This study examined distinct profiles of met and unmet care needs among community-dwelling older adults with cognitive impairment and their association with caregiver strain. Methods: Latent class analysis and multivariable regression were applied to data from 266 caregivers of older Singaporeans, aged 60 years and above, with cognitive impairment. Care needs were evaluated by caregivers using the Camberwell Assessment of Need for the Elderly. Caregiver strain was measured by the Zarit Burden Interview. Results: Four need profiles were identified: (1) no need (38% of caregivers), (2) met social and memory needs (29%), (3) no social and met memory needs (17%), and (4) unmet social and memory needs (16%). The unmet social and memory needs profile was associated with a higher level of caregiver strain, compared to the no need profile. Discussion: A person-centered approach captured heterogeneity in the care needs of community-dwelling older adults with cognitive impairment. Policymakers should develop tailored interventions based on need profiles that may help reduce caregiver strain.