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Supplementary Material for: Characterization of a balanced reciprocal translocation, rcp(9;11)(q27;q11) in cattle

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posted on 01.02.2008, 00:00 by De Lorenzi L., De Giovanni A., Molteni L., Denis C., Eggen A., Parma P.
Cytogenetic analysis of a phenotypically normal young bull from Marchigiana breed revealed the presence of an abnormal karyotype. The observation of longer and smaller chromosomes than BTA1 and BTA29, respectively in all metaphases suggested the presence of a reciprocal translocation. RBG-banding confirmed this hypothesis revealing the involvement of BTA9 and BTA11. FISH analyses using cattle-specific BAC clones (474A12 and 293G09 for BTA9; 035D03 for BTA11) identified rcp(9;11)(q27;q11) in the two regions affected. Moreover analyses performed on both parents established the ‘de novo’ origin of the anomaly. Comparison with human homologue sequences (HSA6q24.3→q25.3 for BTA9q27 and HSA2q11.1→q12.1 for BTA11q11) revealed that both breakpoint regions are gene rich as up to date at least 200 genes have been localized in these regions. Thus, further analyses are required to identify the sequences disrupted by the breakpoints and to verify their consequences on rcp carrier phenotype.


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