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Supplementary Material for: Congenital cytomegalovirus awareness and knowledge among health professionals and pregnant women: an action towards prevention.

posted on 2022-06-15, 12:27 authored by Castillo K., Hawkins-Villarreal A., Valdés-Bango M., Guirado L., Scazzocchio E., Porta O., Falguera G., López M., Palacio M., Gratacós E., Figueras F., Gonce A.
Introduction: Cytomegalovirus (CMV), is a major cause of childhood disabilities and consensus recommendations emphasize the importance of hygienic measures to reduce perinatal infection. Objective: To evaluate the level of awareness about CMV among health professionals and pregnant women. Methods: We submitted a 20-item online survey regarding CMV perinatal infection to all obstetricians and midwives in Catalonia (Spain) and a 7-item lay-version of the questionnaire to 700 pregnant women. Levels of knowledge were compared among groups. Results: Of the 1449 health professionals approached, 338 surveys were answered. 72% of professionals considered CMV a relevant problem. 47% of obstetricians and 28% of midwives (p=<0.001) routinely informed pregnant women, and less than half knew the risk of fetal transmission. We observed significant differences in knowledge between obstetricians and midwives concerning the risks of recurrent infections, risk of transmission, and risk of severe infection (60.7% vs 45.6%, p=0.006 and 50.6% vs 22.5% p=<0.001); and regarding maternal and neonatal symptoms, and newborn sequelae (23% vs. 8.8% p=<0.001). Of the 700 women approached, we obtained a response rate of 72%. Only 23% had previously heard about CMV; 22% identified transmission routes, and 15% preventive measures. Compared to women without risk factors for CMV infection women at greater risk had heard more about CMV [mothers of children <3 years: 36% vs. 20% p< 0.001; occupational exposure: 43% vs. 20% p=<0.001] and had received more information (mothers of children <3 years: 18% vs. 9.5% p=<0.001; occupational exposure: 23% vs. 9.3% p=0.001). Conclusions: Health care professionals have limited knowledge about CMV and may fail to enforce preventive measures. While pregnant women have limited awareness about CMV infection, they recognize the need for information. Health campaigns should be promoted to enhance awareness about this perinatal infection.


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