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Supplementary Material for: Coronary Collateral Microcirculation Reserve Becomes Vestigial with Aging

posted on 08.10.2020, 16:20 by Chen J., Liu X., Qin X., Liu Z., Zhu L., Quan X., Xu Z., Dong H., Zhang Z.
Introduction: Our previous study indicated that coronary collateral microcirculation reserve (CCMR), native collaterals, transports blood flow to an ischemic area to reduce ischemic tissue injury. This study aimed to observe the changes of CCMR in the hearts of different month-old rats. Methods: We selected 2-, 8-, 16-, and 24-month-old rats as the research objects to monitor the changes of CCMR in rats with aging. After acute myocardial infarction, lectin-FITC was injected into the femoral vein vessels of rats to mark CCMR vessels in the ischemic area. Results: Results of the lectin-FITC perfusion experiment indicated that the number and collagen IV coverage of CCMR vessels declined with aging. Moreover, data suggested a correlation between endothelial nitric oxide synthase and a decline in the number of CCMR vessels. Conclusion: Aging causes CCMR decline in rats.