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Supplementary Material for: Cytogenetic and Array-CGH Characterization of a Complex de novo Rearrangement Involving Duplication and Deletion of 9p and Clinical Findings in a 4-Month-Old Female

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posted on 06.01.2010, 00:00 by Hulick P.J., Noonan K.M., Kulkarni S., Donovan D.J., Listewnik M., Ihm C., Stoler J.M., Weremowicz S.
Approximately 15 patients with partial trisomy 9p involving de novo duplications have been previously described. Here, we present clinical, cytogenetic, FISH and aCGH findings in a patient with a de novo complex rearrangement in the short arm of chromosome 9 involving an inverted duplication at 9p24→p21.3 and a deletion at 9pter→p24.2. FISH probes generated from BACs selected from the UCSC genome browser were utilized to verify this rearrangement. It is likely that some previously described duplications of 9p may also be products of complex chromosomal aberrations. This report in which FISH and aCGH were used to more comprehensively characterize the genomic rearrangement in a patient with clinical manifestations of 9p duplication syndrome underscores the importance of further characterizing cytogenetically detected rearrangements.