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Supplementary Material for: Deletion of 16q22.2q23.3 in a Boy with a Phenotype Reminiscent of Silver-Russell Syndrome

posted on 15.07.2021, 05:43 by Lengyel A., Pinti É., Eggermann T., Fekete G., Haltrich I.
A 15-month-old boy presented with growth and global developmental delay, feeding difficulties, sleep disturbance and several minor anomalies, including a large anterior fontanel, relative macrocephaly, and a triangular face. Clinical suspicion prompted genetic investigations for Silver-Russell syndrome and related disorders. SNP array analysis led to the diagnosis of an approximately 10-Mb large deletion of the long arm in chromosome 16q22.2q23.3. Interstitial deletions of 16q show a wide variability of related features; however, considering the differences in size and location of the deletions in the known patients, the phenotypic overlap is surprising. Here, we report a novel microdeletion, compare the proband with data from scientific literature and international databases, and discuss possible diagnostic implications.