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Supplementary Material for: Determining the Optimal Normalization Factor of Different Target Arteries for ex vivo Vascular Function Experiments: A New Standardized Procedure

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posted on 27.02.2020, 09:55 by Hugelshofer M., Deuel J.W., Buzzi R.M., Humar R., Schaer D.J., Schaer C.A.
The standardization of resistance vessel preparation is crucial to compare physiologic vascular reactivity under different experimental conditions. Here, we describe a generalizable experimental setup for ex vivo vascular function experiments and their mathematical basis. Porcine basilar arteries and chicken common carotid arteries were isolated post mortem via standardized surgical approaches. The inner circumference of these vessels with a passive wall tension corresponding to 100 mm Hg (IC100) as well as the circumference at which the active force production of the vessel is maximal (IC1) were determined systematically. The IC1/IC100 ratio (also referred to as factor k), a value that is believed to be constant for a defined vessel type in one species, was calculated by a novel mathematical approach. Here, we present an easy-to-use toolbox for the systematic and computer-based calculation of factor k and simplified optimal pre-stretching of any vascular segments for wire myography experiments.