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Supplementary Material for: Development and Evaluation of the Psychosocial Adaptation Questionnaire among Patients with Chronic Skin Disease

posted on 02.03.2021, 10:16 by Zhang X., Xu H., Wang A.
Background/Objective: Chronic skin disease (CSD) often has physiological, psychological, and social impacts, which requires the patient to adjust to achieve psychosocial adaptation (PSA). As a standardized assessment instrument was lacking, we developed a PSA questionnaire for patients with CSD (PSAQ-CSD). Methods: According to the steps of questionnaire development, a systematic process of scoping review, qualitative research, content validity expert review, testing in a sample of 321 adults, item analysis, and classical test theory methods were applied. Results: Following item analysis and exploratory factor analyses, 18 items were eventually entered into the model of confirmatory factor analyses, with a cumulative contribution of 65.435%. Three subscales were developed: emotional, self-cognitive, and social dimensions. Item analysis, exploratory factor analyses, and content validity expert review narrowed the subscales to 8, 6, and 4 items, respectively. Conclusions: The 18-item PSAQ-CSD has been confirmed to have good internal consistency reliability and convergent and discriminant validity. It may be a useful tool to evaluate the PSA among patients with CSD and provide a basis for further research.