Supplementary Material for: Development of an Infrared Monitor-Guided Bleb Revision Procedure

2020-06-25T07:42:05Z (GMT) by Matsushita K. Kawashima R. Nishida K.
The needle revision procedure to address failing filtering blebs is a blind technique that might easily damage the scleral flap, conjunctiva, and choroid. We propose a new surgical procedure, infrared monitor-guided bleb revision, to perform bleb revision minimally invasively and effectively, and demonstrate the procedure in a patient. We developed the guided procedure with the infrared monitor to observe the bleb interior with greater contrast. Under the monitor, we dissect the hard fibrotic tissue with a bleb knife and, if necessary, remove adhesions using a needle and vitreous forceps. Finally, 5-fluorouracil is injected into the subconjunctiva. We have performed bleb revisions safely with clear visualization of the scleral flap using an infrared light. In the current case, the patient had good intraocular pressure control for about 1 year. The new infrared monitor-guided bleb revision procedure facilitates successful bleb revisions without damage to the underlying structures.