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Supplementary Material for: Development of the Story Telling Examination for Early Mild Cognitive Impairment (Pre-Mild Cognitive Impairment) Screening

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posted on 18.11.2022, 13:01 authored by Taranop V., Ruangrajitpakorn Y., Praputpittaya P., Lippanon K., Tharnpipat R., Wongpakaran N., Wongpakaran T., Srisaikaew P., Mahakkanukrauh P., Varnado P., Yang T., Peisah C.
Introduction: Cognitive function prior to mild cognitive impairment (MCI) has become a burgeoning interest. Tools used to detect this early period before MCI are being pilot-tested. This study aimed to develop a new test to detect pre-MCI and to examine its content validity and feasibility. Methods: The Story Telling Examination for Early MCI Screening (STEEMS), an audio cognitive test, was developed. It covers ten cognitive domains, e.g., executive function, language fluency, abstract reasoning. Face and content validity were examined by experts in geriatric psychiatry and psychology. The content validity index was 1.00. STEEMS comprised 12 items with 2–4 types of scoring. The tool was further examined in 16 pilot samples for feasibility among healthy participants having no cognitive impairment (Montreal Cognitive Assessment [MoCA] test score ≥25, Mini-Cog ≥3) and no depressive symptoms (Geriatric Depression Scale <6). Results: The 16 healthy older individuals aged 59–73 years, mean age was 65.06 ± 4.07 years, were predominantly males (68.8%). STEEMS scores ranged from 10 to 25, with a mean of 18.38 (SD = 4.2). Thirteen percent obtained 100% correct on the STEEMS, 63% scored 68–92% correct, and 25% scored 40–60% correct. The pre-MCI scores are illustrated by a bell curve’s graphical depiction, suggesting a normal distribution probability distribution. Correlation between STEEMS and MoCA test scores was observed. STEEMS showed to be feasible for early elderly or late adults as being brief and easy to understand. The time spent to administer was predictably less than 7 min. Discussion/Conclusion: STEEMS could potentially serve as a tool for pre-MCI screening. Further study and investigation in a larger population are required.