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Supplementary Material for: Developmental Expression Mapping of a Gene Implicated in Multiple Neurodevelopmental Disorders, A2bp1 (Fox1)

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posted on 23.02.2011, 00:00 by Hammock E.A.D., Levitt P.
The neuronal transcription splicing factor, A2BP1, has been implicated in a variety of neurodevelopmental disorders; however, the role of A2BP1 in brain development and gene regulatory function remains to be explicated. Here, we map A2bp1 gene expression, focusing on the developing forebrain of the C57BL6J mouse. Early in forebrain development, A2bp1 expression is highly reminiscent of the expression of genes marking postmitotic GABAergic cells emanating from the ventral telencephalon during migration to the dorsal pallium. Ventral pallial expression remains low after the migratory period. Broader dorsal pallial expression becomes more evident late prenatally and early postnatally. This is paralleled by dense, restricted expression in the ventrobasal dorsal thalamic complex and mid-hypothalamic region. Outside of the forebrain, there is significant expression in motor pathways. These data indicate that A2BP1 mutations may clinically affect very selective forebrain neuron types from early periods of development.