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Supplementary Material for: Differences in cognitive trajectories of dementia: Comparison Alzheimer’s disease dementia and Dementia with Lewy bodies in Korean patient cohort

posted on 2024-06-08, 06:20 authored by Cho B.-H., Kim H., Choi S.-M., Cho S.H., Kim B.C.
Background and purpose: Prediction of the dementia progression is important for patient management. We aimed to investigate the cognitive trajectories of Alzheimer’s disease dementia (ADD) and dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) according to the initial structural change measured by comprehensive visual rating scales (CVRS). Methods We retrospectively included the patients who initially visited the Dementia Clinic of Chonnam National University Hospital between 2010 to 2012. All patients underwent dementia work up including neuropsychological battery (Seoul Neuropsychological Screening Battery, SNSB). We recruited the participant who underwent SNSB annually for three years successively. Total 136 patients of ADD and 63 patients of DLB were included for analyze. We analyzed the decline pattern of cognitive profile according to the initial brain structural changes. Results The general cognitive trajectories between ADD and DLB patients were not different. However, DLB patients showed more rapid decline of cognitive function in language and related function, visual memory function, and frontal executive function. The scores were lower in participants with DLB with lesser atrophy group in attention, visuospatial function, and frontal executive function. In analysis of the cognitive trajectories, the visual memory domain declined rapidly in DLB with lesser atrophy group compared with the ADD with lesser atrophy group. Conclusion We founded that the differences in visual cognitive profile in ADD and DLB patients in serial follow up of neuropsychological tests. It is prominent in the mild structural change group of ADD and DLB.


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