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Supplementary Material for: Differential Impact of Cognitive Impairment in MCI Patients: A Case-Based Report

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posted on 29.06.2020, 09:40 by Pergher V., Schoenmakers B., Demaerel P., Tournoy J., VanHulle M.M.
Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) traditionally refers to an intermediate stage between healthy individuals and early Alzheimer disease. Evidence shows grey and white matter volume changes and decrease in several executive functions, albeit the relation between cognitive performance and brain volume remains unclear. Here, we discuss 3 individual cases of MCI by investigating their MRI scans and cognitive test performance. We also recruited age-matched healthy older adults serving as gold standard for both grey and white matter volume and cognitive test outcomes. Our results show the impact of cognitive impairment on cognitive test performance and grey and white matter volumes, and the role played by cognitive and brain reserve on mitigating cognitive decline. Furthermore, we add evidence to previous studies by showing an increase in white matter volume compared to healthy controls, in all 3 patients. This pattern of increased white matter volume might help us to better understand the pathological mechanisms underlying MCI which in turn could contribute to future investigations.